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Sendak’s Death Spurs Interest in His Works

3 sendak nyer profile 1966

The New Yorker ran a profile of Sendak by Nat Hentoff in 1966.

There’s also quite a bit of excellent reference material on line that is free. New Yorker subscribers can access the Jan 22, 1966 profile of Sendak by Nat Hentoff.

Or email me and I’ll send you a pdf of the Nov. 14, 1994 article: Maurice Sendak - A Bibliographical Odyssey by Christian Esquevin that appeared in the Antiquarian Bookman. Put SENDAK AB in the subject line

Other Links of Interest:

Maurice Sendak - NY Times obituary page 1, May 9, 2012

Fresh Air-NPR- Read their May 8th tribute to Sendak and hear four different appearances by the author - illustrator that aired over the years.

Maurice Sendak Collection at the Rosenbach Museum and Library


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